Futures of Palm Beach

By The Fix staff 07/23/17

The therapists at Futures work with you at the "core emotional level to uncover the central issues driving the addiction or co-occurring disorder," all while you recuperate in a luxury setting with spa-like amenities and tranquil accommodations.

Futures of Palm Beach building and swimming pool with palm trees.
Location : Tequesta, FL
Phone : (866) 209-3104
Price : $29,500 for 30 days including detox.
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Founded in 2012, Futures of Palm Beach is a luxury rehab whose philosophy is "clients will benefit most if they reside in a comfortable, therapeutic environment that treats them with the utmost respect, and are given the highest quality of personal service...." To that end, the atmosphere and amenities at Futures of Palm Beach are quite nice, with private luxury suites available, a pool and Jacuzzi, chef-prepared meals, a wellness center with gym, even a meditative Koi pond on the grounds. There are also volleyball and tennis courts. "Guests of the facility have all the comforts of a 5-star hotel.”

Futures treats men and women over 18 years old for substance abuse and addiction, substance abuse with co-occurring mood, anxiety and personality disorders, and substance abuse with co-occurring eating disorders. It's an evidence-based program, not 12-step, but 12-step meetings are available.

There are tiers of treatment to choose from. The Core program is characterized as All Inclusive and gives the client a private bedroom and private bath, medical detox, a psychological evaluation, a case management session per week, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), physical fitness, hypnotherapy, thirteen one-hour group sessions per week, weekend activities, yoga/meditation sessions and a three-day family program. The Premium Tier would include the above, but step up the residence to a fully private suite, add one massage session per week, include one family therapy session per week, two personal training sessions per week and two acupuncture sessions per week, along with life coaching sessions during and after treatment.

When asked why choose Futures for treatment, the one factor most important to most recent alumni we surveyed was treatment quality. "The research I did on Futures showed me I would be getting help in many different aspects of my life. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All areas that I needed improvement. Also, the scientific approach they take with some of their classes really intrigued me. I wanted to understand my disease on that level," one alumnus said.

The demographic makeup of residents varies. "There were people from all different races, sexual orientation and income. Huge range," a former resident told us. Another said, "The age range was from 20-72. A pretty good mix of gender. Mostly Caucasian. Various income and social levels as well."

Meals are prepared by a professional chef, and by all accounts are healthy and readily available. However, while no one we surveyed rated the food negatively, some were just luke-warm. Typical comments about the meals were: "Most were healthy, but a few processed main dishes were served." Or, " Somewhat above cafeteria style," or "Healthy and flavorful food, but still a bit institutional. Snacks only at prescribed times and not permitted in client rooms." But others were more positive. " Incredible. I wasn't too worried about food initially, but once I started eating I realized how nice it was that they had great food. Everything was always fresh, stocked and accessible when the time was right," one happy former client said.

Former residents gave mostly high ratings on accommodations. Everyone has their own room, but depending on your treatment tier, you may share a suite. There are no chores to speak of, and daily life is filled with therapy of various types. "Daily life was great! I had a nice-size bed, my own room and a television in a shared living room. Also my own bathroom which I think was amazing compared to other treatment centers. I had a roommate and everyone got along just fine. Our only chore was to clean up after ourselves and even then we had staff members that would clean our bathrooms and replace toiletries." Another client told us, "Daily life consisted of a prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snack times. With over five types of excellent therapy throughout the day. We did not have chores, just behavioral expectations and mandatory attendance. I thought we should have to make our beds and clean our rooms, but there was maid service daily." One complained: "Felt like I was running to next class or meeting with someone. Could've used a little more me time. Not too much, but a little more."

It's not all meeting and group therapy at Futures. They believe in an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation therapy and recreational therapy. Relaxation therapy can include massages, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and yoga, for example. Recreational therapy would include use of the fitness center, swimming, the volleyball and tennis courts, perhaps some personal training in the gym. And Futures has some restrictions on personal electronics: "After your 11th day you receive your phone for one hour a day, every day. Computer access was available when needed. TV was in each room. Plenty of down time after therapies ended at 5 pm."

Most former residents were satisfied with the medical care, one telling us, "There were doctors on hand when you needed them for an emergency, a check up, or just medical advice. They were always helpful and available." Another said, "The psychiatrist was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I saw her whenever I requested. The nursing there was phenomenal. They were always helpful and kind."

The non-medical treatment, the group sessions, and the therapy were given high praise. "It wasn't based on the 12 Steps, but spoke positively of them. It really got me to look at my disease in a different, healthier way," a recent alum said. Another added that "DBT, in my opinion, took a much better approach." Religion is not emphasized here. "Spirituality came up often enough, but religion didn't play a part. I appreciated that," a former client said. However, "Church outings were available every weekend. I hadn't been in six years and I started going again because of Futures." Someone else noted that "Services were offered on Sunday. Nothing for our Jewish clients. I was glad they offered some type of worship."

Alumni don't characterize the program as strict, per se. "It wasn't too strict. i mean, they had rules, but they were called for. As long as you were following your schedule and being respectful, you were free to do what you'd like.” Another characterized the program as "laid back, but tough when needed." And how are infractions handled? Generally "you were dropped a level and some of your 'perks' were removed."

All of the alumni we surveyed have been able to steer clear of the problem which initially brought them to Futures. "Futures is a great treatment center for anyone seeking help with any addiction problem. You can't find help like this and receive mental peace at the same time from any other treatment center. Thank you for being there for me when I could not help myself," a grateful alumnus said. Another noted, "I have recommended Futures to others and will continue to do so. This was, unfortunately, not my first in-patient treatment center, but something is special about the Futures program. It has worked for me!"

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