Four Circles Recovery Center

By The Fix staff 08/17/17

 Four Circles Recovery Center is an innovative wilderness-based residential treatment program, serving clients ages 18 to 28 who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Four Circles Recovery Center
Location : 156 Clear Crossing Ln Horse Shoe, NC 28742
Phone : (877) 896 - 5003
Price : $32,000 (60 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in Horse Shoe, North Carolina, 30 minutes south of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Four Circles Recovery Center is an innovative wilderness-based residential treatment program. It serves clients ages 18 to 28 who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. The CARF-accredited facility believes that a nurturing environment and experiential wilderness therapy along with thorough clinical treatment best prepares clients for a sober future. To this end, Four Circles offers an integrated treatment program combining traditional 12-step methods with a holistic modalities. Clients engage in individual therapy, group sessions, family therapy and 12-step recovery, as well as dual diagnosis care.

Facility and Meals

Four Circles provides an environment that is both peaceful and full of activity. Residents stay in gender-specific homes that sleep up to 18. The wooden houses are single-floor with large bedrooms, common areas, a kitchen, laundry and plenty of space to relax on the porch. Residents typically have three to four roommates, with twin bunk-style beds. Consistent with the wilderness theme, clients are encouraged to spend their time either active in nature or spent in self-reflection. To this end, the facility does not permit cell phones or social media use while in treatment. In addition, TVs are only used weekly on movie nights.

Four Circles walks the walk when it comes to experiential wilderness therapy. While the homes are equipped with workout rooms, the campus provides lots of options for outdoor activities including a climbing wall and a ropes course. In addition, residents spend ample time camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains, only returning to their house to shower. Trips are precious learning experiences for residents, who are completely removed from regular life and accompanied only by their peers and nature.

While staff teach cooking skills when needed, clients generally rely on each other to cook and clean. Half the work is done for them as the kitchen comes stocked with nutritious food.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Prior to admission, residents must agree to a minimum stay of 60 days. Lengths of stay vary depending on the specific needs of the client, with some individuals staying up to five months. For clients needing detox treatment, Four Circles can refer to the appropriate local facility before beginning the program.

Four Circles facilitates individualized treatment that is gender-specific, with the male residents spending over half their stay camping in the mountains and female for week-long stretches. The therapists are with the clients constantly, as individual and group sessions are held four times a week even when the residents are camping. Sessions cover many components of recovery including anger management, relapse prevention, psycho-educational work, daily life skills development and career planning. In addition, clients are encouraged to participate in daily 12-step meetings and can engage in family therapy via conference call. Along with the classic treatments, the facility provides a vast array of holistic methods like art therapy, journaling, martial arts and expressive arts.

Towards the end of treatment, clients work together with their therapist to design a supportive aftercare plan. They are encouraged to participate in the facility’s alumni program that provides continued support with phone call follow-ups, webinars and outings.

The Four Circles team is comprised of medical doctors, a nursing staff, therapists, MSWs, LCSWs and counselors.

Bonus Amenities

While there are no techy amenities at Four Circles, activities abound in the surrounding area including hiking trails, a ropes course, white-water rafting, rock climbing, canoeing and fly fishing.


Four Circles Recovery Center is an innovative and unique facility with gender-specific care and an integrated approach that focuses on 12-step principles, holistic treatment and experiential therapy. It’s a particularly great option for clients that enjoy the wilderness and find a connection with nature to be very therapeutic. Four Circles is a solid option for young people ready to set the foundation for long-term sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Four Circles Recovery Center

156 Clear Crossing Ln

Horse Shoe, NC 28742

(877) 896 - 5003

Four Circles Recovery Center Cost: $32,000 (60 days). Find Four Circles Recovery Center on Facebook

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