Former Supermodel Stephanie Seymour Completes Treatment Program

By Britni de la Cretaz 04/07/17

Seymour had to complete a first-time offender's rehab program for a drunk-driving incident in 2016. 

Stephanie Seymour

After completing a yearlong program that included receiving treatment for alcohol abuse, former supermodel Stephanie Seymour had drunk driving charges removed from her record. 

In January 2016, the 48-year-old model backed her Land Rover into another car on a highway off-ramp. Her car was reportedly on its side when police arrived at the scene, according to PEOPLE. There were no injuries, but Seymour reportedly needed help getting out of her car. She refused to take sobriety tests and had the smell of alcohol on her breath. 

“After six or seven requests for her license, registration and insurance, she finally was amble to fumble through her purse as she handed over her Connecticut driver’s license along with a credit card,” the police report said. She also reportedly hit a utility pole near her home and left the scene in an incident earlier that day. At the time, she was charged with operating under the influence and unsafe backing, and released on $500 bail.

The charges were dropped through Connecticut’s accelerated rehabilitation and alcohol education programs for first-time offenders, ABC News notes. According to the state, the Accelerated Pre-Trial Rehabilitation Program is for people “charged with crimes or motor vehicle violations that are not serious, but for which there can be a sentence of imprisonment.”

The Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program is for people “who are charged with driving a motor vehicle or a boat under the influence.” If the defendant completes the accelerated rehabilitation program and/or the alcohol education program successfully, the charges against the defendant are dismissed by the court, as Seymour’s were. 

As part of the programs, Seymour had to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice per week, meet with families of victims of drunk drivers, and attend an outpatient treatment program for alcohol abuse.

Seymour is best known as a Victoria’s Secret model, as well as her work for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issues. She also starred in Guns N’ Roses’ iconic video for the 1992 single “November Rain.” She was dating frontman Axl Rose at the time it was filmed.

Seymour appeared in court last year and expressed shame and embarrassment about the incident. "I'm glad this unfortunate event has been brought to a close and I hope that people can learn from this," Seymour said in a recent statement released by her lawyer.

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