“F--- It” Reporter’s Pot Club Searched by Alaskan Police

By Paul Gaita 03/26/15

Charlene Egbe, also known as Charlo Greene, re-opened her cannabis club the day after being raided by police.

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Police in Anchorage, Ala., obtained warrants serving what is described as a “medical marijuana dispensary” owned by former television news reporter Charlene Egbe, whose dramatic on-air departure from her job made headlines across the country.

Egbe was one of two individuals named in the warrant, which police served on March 20 before searching the establishment and two vehicles on the property. The warrant sought to investigate reports that marijuana was being concealed in the Alaska Cannabis Club, as well as “resins, oils, hashish or other THC derivatives, concentrates, edibles and equipment used in the extraction of THC.”

The warrant also granted police the right to search for “items related to illegal transactions,” which could include computer records, bank statements, firearms, or money. Egbe stated that police left the establishment after uprooting several marijuana plants and taking two vehicles, as well as computers, phones, and paraphrenlia.

According to Egbe, the Alaska Cannabis Club sells neither recreational or medical marijuana, but serves as a meeting place for “card holders to come and share their own cannabis.” No charges were filed in the wake of the search, and in a statement to the Associated Press, Egbe said that the club was open for business the following day.

“We, at the Alaska Cannabis Club, have made it clear that the will of the people is stronger than any force they have—and we aren’t going anywhere,” she wrote.

Alaska voters approved a ballot measure in 2014 to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, which is currently under consideration by the state legislature. Egbe, who was previously known as KTVA news reporter Charlo Green, became a viral sensation in 2014 when she concluded a segment on the club by announcing on-air that she was the owner of the establishment before terminating her position by stating, “F--- it, I quit.”

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