Executive Treatment Can Help You Get Clean

By The Fix staff 10/15/18

Substance use disorder can affect anyone — even high-powered individuals.

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Society has a lot of stereotypes about people who struggle with substance abuse: that they are weak-willed, uneducated or poor. The truth is that substance abuse is a disease that can affect anyone. High-powered individuals who have been successful in business aren’t exempt from addiction. Stock brokers, lawyers, C-suite executives and others who struggle with addiction need access to treatment centers that know how to deal with their particular needs.

Capo By The Sea, which offers executive rehab in California, allows high-powered individuals to address their addiction in a luxury setting that maintains the quality of life that they are used to, while delivering the most effective forms of treatment.

Why Going to Executive Rehab Is Important

It’s true that the disease of addiction can touch anyone. However, the particular issues of addiction will vary based on a person’s lifestyle and what point they are at in their career. While some people with substance use disorder might worry about finding employment, executives who struggle with addiction need to learn how to balance high-stress jobs with sobriety.

Being in a treatment program with other successful individuals can help address these issues, including topics particular to certain fields, like law or banking. These programs can also help executives realize that even though they’re still functioning, substance abuse is affecting their lives.

“You send [executives] into a facility with a bunch of 27-year-olds who dropped out of college for IV heroin use, they’re going to say, ‘I’m not as bad as them’ and leave,” Arden O’Connor, chief executive of the O’Connor Professional Group, which consults on treatment plans for addiction and eating disorders, told The New York Times.

Being in a treatment program that is familiar with helping executives get sober helps people plan for the particular challenges of their lives, whether that is keeping in touch with work while in treatment or balancing travel with 12-step meetings after rehab.

Making Treatment More Comfortable

Getting help for substance abuse disorder is difficult. However, being in a setting that is nearly as comfortable as your home can make the process just a bit more bearable. Because of this, high-powered individuals are often most at ease in luxury treatment centers that offer perks such as private rooms, spas and beautiful grounds.

High quality care extends beyond just the physical space. Capo By The Sea offers luxury detox in California, a process that makes clearing toxins from your system less painful. During luxury detox, clients are carefully supervised by medical professionals who can provide medications to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Having access to comfortable private spaces and gourmet meals lets clients nurture their minds and bodies during this difficult time so that they are able to start treatment in the best possible frame of mind.

The Forefront of Treatment

Using the latest innovations in treatment can help executives conquer their addiction and get back to their normal lives more quickly. Medication-assisted treatment helps control cravings and reduces the pleasurable effects of substances. In conjunction with therapy, medication-assisted treatment can be part of a highly-effective treatment plan that enables people in early recovery to maintain their employment.

Using naltrexone for alcohol abuse has been an effective treatment since the mid-1990s. Naltrexone, which is also known by the brand names Vivitrol, ReVia, and Depade, blocks a person’s opioids receptors. Because of this, when a person consumes alcohol or opioids they don’t get the typical feelings of euphoria or the sedative effects. Without these mind-altering effects, the substances become less desirable.

Naltrexone is not a narcotic, which makes it appealing for high-powered individuals who don’t want to have their abilities at work compromised in any way. Since the drug can be taken as a monthly injection, it is discreet enough to fit even the busiest business schedule.

Getting treatment for substance use disorder can leave you feeling vulnerable. However, working with an experienced treatment team will set your mind at ease, allowing you to get the treatment that you need without any negative consequences to your career.

Capo By The Sea is a luxury treatment center in Southern California. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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