Eve Discusses Past Anxiety Struggles On 'The Talk'

By David Konow 01/23/18
"When I first started in the business I had horrible anxiety attacks, so much so that I was on medication... It took a lot of years for me to get over it."

As a successful rapper, member of The Talk ensemble, actress (xXx), and the star of her own UPN sitcom, Grammy-winning rapper Eve has enjoyed a multi-faceted career. When she got the gig on The Talk, she told Variety, “I am a pretty open book,” and as Madame Noire reports, she just spoke out about her personal battles with anxiety on the show.

On the show, the topic turned to Kendall Jenner opening up about her anxiety issues, and it inspired Eve to join in the conversation.

Eve struggled with anxiety early in her career, and as she told her co-hosts, “When I first started in the business I had horrible anxiety attacks, so much so that I was on medication. Only people that know me closely know this and it took a lot of years for me to get over it.”

With many celebrities, the pressures of fame often makes anxiety even worse. With new success often comes the fear of losing it.

As Eve addressed, “You know, when you’re hot and you’re popular, you never want to stop because you’re scared if you stop for one second everybody’s going to forget about you, so you work yourself crazy. Your management works you crazy. Your friends, your family, people change. They tell you that you’ve changed and you take that stuff to heart. It took me probably a year for me to get over my anxiety... It’s a scary thing.”

Eve decided that she had to get help when she began crying hysterically in her hotel room. “I was on a tour... I was in a hotel room and I got up to go to the bathroom... I heard this noise and it was me crying. It was a sound I had never heard from myself and I was bawling, crying.”

Even though Eve had just a few shows left on her tour, she had to cancel them to preserve her mental health. She called her manager, pleading, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m not happy.” Her manager said, “You know what? I’m with you.” They prayed together in her room, and she finally went home.

Once Eve was off the road, she learned how to manage her anxiety with medication and advice from a doctor. She also “thankfully had some really good people that helped me and told me what to do.” 

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