Elderly Couple Told Cops 60 Pounds Of Pot Was "For Christmas Presents"

By Britni de la Cretaz 12/27/17

The California-based couple told police that they “didn’t know it was illegal to transport marijuana in Nebraska.”

an elderly couple exchanging gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of year and one couple was reportedly planning to deliver some unique gifts to their friends and family—they were in possession not of sacks full of toys, but sacks full of marijuana.

While driving through Nebraska on their way to Vermont, the York News-Times reports that Patrick Jiron, 80, and his wife, Barbara Jiron, 70, were pulled over for failure to signal. The car was searched after deputies smelled the strong stench of weed coming from the vehicle, which Patrick Jiron admitted was under the topper in the back of the truck.

The elderly couple, who is from California, told police that they “didn’t know it was illegal to transport marijuana in Nebraska,” York County Sheriff’s Lt. Paul Vrbka told the News-Times. Patrick Jiron has been charged with felonies for possession with intent to distribute and having no drug tax stamp, while his wife only received a citation. Over 60 pounds of marijuana, worth more than $300,000, were seized from the couple, who claimed the drugs were Christmas presents.

While both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in California, where the Jirons live, it is illegal in Nebraska and under current law, possession of the drug can range from an infraction to a misdemeanor,according to the Marijuana Policy Project. However, a bill that would legalize medical marijuana stalled in the state legislature this year. The MPP says that 60% of Nebraskans currently believe that weed should be legal for medical purposes. 

The Jirons were not the only senior citizens that are fond of cannabis on Christmas—Vice's MUNCHIES posted a video from their Bong Appétit series featuring 94-year-old Nonna Marijuana making her marijuana-infused “Egg Nug.” The California-based cook also makes cannabis Christmas cookies.

Not only that, but for people in states where recreational marijuana is newly legal, weed made a great stocking stuffer this year.

"I told my friends, you're all getting a little bit of pot for Christmas,” Portland, Maine’s James MacWilliams told CBS News. December pot sales in Colorado last year were slightly elevated, a trend which forecasts sales for this year, as well. And Walmart came under fire for selling Christmas trees with leaves shaped like marijuana leaves, which they were forced to pull from their shelves after protest.

Patrick Jiron was released after posting 10% of his $100,000 bond.

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