Duterte: I Would Order My Son To Be Killed If He’s Tied To Drugs

By Victoria Kim 09/26/17

Duterte’s son Paolo is facing accusations that he took bribes to allow the import of crystal meth from China.

President Rodrigo Duterte
President Rodrigo Duterte Photo via YouTube

President Rodrigo Duterte will apparently stop at nothing to win his “war” against drugs. 

The president of the Philippines is famous for his violent campaign against drugs which has resulted in the killings of thousands of suspected drug offenders since June 2016. Last year he made a campaign promise to kill 100,000 criminals in the first six months of his presidency, adding that he would dispose of so many bodies in Manila Bay that “the fish will grow fat,” according to the New York Times.

According to Human Rights Watch, that death toll has so far exceeded 7,000.

Now, Duterte’s son Paolo, who is vice mayor of Davao City where his father once ruled, is facing accusations that he took bribes to allow the import of crystal meth from China, a shipment worth $125 million. The younger Duterte addressed the allegations at a senate inquiry on September 7, which were brought by opposition senators. He said they were “baseless,” and refused to “answer allegations based on hearsay.”

The Guardian reported that if the senators’ accusations prove true, the president won’t let this slide. “I said before my order was: ‘If I have children who are into drugs, kill them so people will not have anything to say,’” Duterte said in a speech at the presidential palace on Wednesday (Sept 20). “So I told [Paolo]: ‘My order is to kill you if you are caught. And I will protect the police who kill you, if it is true.’”

Duterte reportedly told his son to face the senate inquiry if he had nothing to hide. 

Rodrigo Duterte built his political career as Davao City’s “Death Squad mayor” for more than two decades. He is said to have carried out similar extrajudicial killings of crime suspects, earning a reputation for maintaining law and order despite the humanitarian cost.

Now as president of the Philippines, Duterte has brought his violent anti-crime agenda to the capital. Upon being elected, he declared a war against drug offenders, telling Filipinos: “Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun—you have my support. Shoot [them] and I’ll give you a medal.”

In August, Philippines national police killed at least 32 people in a 24-hour period in a series of drug raids across the Bulacan province. 

Duterte praised the police for the killings: “Let’s kill another 32 every day. Maybe we can reduce what ails this country.”

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