Drunk Woman Incriminates Herself on Facebook Messenger

By Bryan Le 09/11/17

After a drunken crash, the woman messaged a tell-all to her friend from a hotel computer… where the police found the messages still open.

Facebook notification and message.
She shared too much.

In a series of poor decisions, a Michigan woman sealed her own fate by being a little too eager and honest on social media about her drunk driving.

After a few too many drinks, the woman allegedly got behind the wheel of her 2013 Chevrolet Malibu and headed for the highway. There, driving in the middle of the night under the influence, she allegedly hit another car.

Officers responding to a two-car crash on I-75 arrived on the scene to discover an empty gray Malibu. They tracked the missing driver to a nearby hotel.

It turns out, instead of acting sensibly and remaining on the scene and exchanging insurance info as one should, she reportedly fled on foot in search of a computer.

The officers arrived at the hotel and spoke with the front desk clerk, who told the officers that a woman had come in, told them that she had just been in a car crash and admitted that she had been drinking.

They then tracked down the computer the woman had been using after arriving at the hotel and found that not only was she still logged in to Facebook, but all her messenger windows were still open. In yet another act of grievous lack of foresight from the woman, she had also left open a tell-all confessional with her friend about driving drunk and crashing into another car.

The woman withered under questioning and admitted to drinking before the crash, but refused to admit that she was driving or tell officers who the driver was. 

A breath test revealed her blood alcohol level was 0.12%. An examination of her license revealed it had expired.

She was eventually booked and charged with driving with an expired operator’s license, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and leaving the scene of an injury.

Driving drunk late at night can compound the already existing risks, as studies have found that even moderate drinking can severely impair a driver who is tired or sleep deprived. In the study, researchers found that moderately drinking drivers could be impaired with as much as five hours of sleep.

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