Drunk Nebraska Woman Learns That Tigers Should Not Be Pet

By McCarton Ackerman 11/06/15

Residents expressed more concern for the tiger after the incident.

tiger licking lips.jpg

It’s obvious to most that alcohol and tigers don’t mix, but one woman from Nebraska had to learn that lesson the hard way.

The allegedly intoxicated woman, 33-year-old Jacqueline Eide, was bitten at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha by a Malayan tiger named Mai. She managed to enter the zoo before the doors were opened to the public and reportedly hoped to pet one of the tigers. After reaching into the cage, Mai chomped on Eide’s hand, causing severe trauma.

Following the incident, Eide was allegedly aggressive towards hospital staff and a police report indicates that she “showed signs of intoxication of alcohol or drugs." She was cited for criminal trespassing and now remains in treatment at Creighton Medical Center.

Many residents expressed concern about how the tiger would be handled after the incident, but the zoo released a statement on Sunday and made it clear that Mai would not be put down or disciplined in any way for the attack.

“Thank you for your concerns about Mai, our Malayan tiger,” read the statement. “Mai will remain on display as normal and go about life as usual. No action will be taken against her.”

Dennis Pate, executive director and chief executive of the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, said that additional security cameras, new path lighting, and computer-controlled locks have now been added to further ensure the safety of both guests and the animals.

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