Drug Trafficker Who Tried To Flee Prison Disguised As Daughter Found Dead

By Victoria Kim 08/07/19

Clauvino da Silva was a leader of the Red Command, one of the most powerful crime syndicates in Rio de Janeiro. 

drug trafficker Clauvino da Silva
Clauvino da Silva in disguise as his teenage daughter Photo via YouTube

A known Brazilian drug trafficker caught trying to escape prison disguised as his 19-year-old daughter has died. A video of the 42-year-old inmate's strange disguise went viral after he was found out by prison guards on Saturday (Aug. 3). 

The video shows the creepy reveal as the disguise is removed, piece by piece, to reveal not a woman underneath, but Clauvino da Silva (known as “Baixinho” or “Shorty”).

On Tuesday (Aug. 6) authorities reported that da Silva was found dead in his cell. His death is being investigated.

The Red Command

Da Silva was a leader of the Red Command, described by the Associated Press as “one of the most powerful criminal groups in Brazil that controlled drug trafficking in a large part of Rio [de Janeiro].”

Da Silva—who was serving a sentence of 73 years and 10 months in Bangu 3, a prison outside of Rio—tried making the switch while his daughter visited him in prison. The plan was the leave her in his place, NPR reported, though it is unclear how much she knew about the scheme.

His daughter and seven others who also paid da Silva a visit at the prison are being questioned. Authorities suspect that the visitors may have smuggled in different elements of the disguise. The BBC reported that one of them, “a pregnant woman who was not searched by the guards, had hidden the wig and the glasses used by da Silva on herself.”

The Disguise

Authorities at the prison filmed da Silva in the full disguise before he was ordered to remove it. At first glance, you see a girl of average size, with long black hair and glasses. Then the glasses are removed and the cheap wig is lifted cleanly off, revealing a perfectly bald head beneath it. At this point it’s more apparent that the person is wearing a silicon or rubber mask covering the head and neck. Da Silva is ordered to remove his outerwear, a t-shirt with a cute pink graphic and a black bra underneath. Finally, the mask is removed, revealing da Silva in the flesh.

The BBC reported that da Silva was scheduled to be transferred to a maximum security prison to prevent future escape attempts.

Da Silva was among at least 30 prisoners who escaped the Instituto Penal Vicente Piragibe, a prison in Rio, in 2013 through the sewer system. He was eventually caught.

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