Dr. Karen Stewart

By The Fix staff 12/02/19

Dr. Karen Stewart is a clinical psychologist who provides comprehensive treatment for clients with sexual dysfunctions, disorders, sex and porn addictions, relationship problems and mental health conditions.

Dr. Karen Stewart
Location : 3201 Wilshire Blvd Suite 320, Santa Monica, CA 90403; 864 S Robertson Blvd Suite 210, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone : (424) 272-8659
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Introduction and Basic Services

Dr. Karen Stewart is a renowned clinical psychologist who specializes in the care of adults with sexual dysfunction and disorders. Stewart also provides customized care for individuals struggling with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety as well as sex and pornography addictions. She has extensive expertise working with both individuals and couples, and provides care at two locations in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Stewart does not offer medication management. 

Education and Background

Dr. Stewart earned her bachelor's degree at Michigan State University and both her masters and PsyD at the California School Of Professional Psychology, specializing in family and couples therapy. She has provided expertise on a number of television shows. Her appearances include Good Morning America, CNN, Bravo, The Discovery Channel and FOX Business. Stewart has also been published in Good Housekeeping and Women's Health. Stewart is also active in the professional therapeutic community, where she frequently speaks at workshops for sexual therapists and continually educates herself on new methods and practices.

Treatment Protocol

Dr. Stewart creates a safe space where clients enjoy the freedom to be completely open and honest. Through her genuine kindness and expertise, true healing and empowerment are possible. While Stewart specializes in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and disorders such as a lack of desire, impotence, orgasm disorder, erectile dysfunction, fetishism and paraphilia, she also provides comprehensive care for clients with a range of personal and relationship problems like trauma, infidelity and divorce. Before beginning therapy with Stewart, clients go through an extensive evaluation that helps determine the best possible treatment plan. From there, Stewart designs an individualized strategy tailored to address the person or couple's specific needs, goals and circumstances.

Dr. Stewart employs a client-centered, multi-faceted approach rooted in humanistic and psychodynamic methods that explore underlying feelings and their connections to earlier experiences. Depending on the client's needs, Stewart offers solution-focused therapy that focuses on problem-solving and goal-setting. In addition, she also utilizes holistic practices like meditation, exercise and better breathing. Her versatility benefits clients through an emphasis on empathy, understanding and practical solutions. Clients learn behavioral techniques that make a sustainable recovery possible. As a trusted therapist, Stewart succeeds in breaking down taboo subjects, strengthening relationship bonds and improving intimacy. 

The Extra Mile 

Stewart places a premium on accessibility and discretion. With two practice locations, flexible late hours and options for online therapy sessions, clients are given a safe space to work through sensitive issues. Clients will soon be able to connect with Stewart through an upcoming podcast. 


Dr. Karen Stewart is a clinical psychologist that provides comprehensive treatment for clients with sexual dysfunctions, disorders, sex and porn addictions, relationship problems and mental health conditions. A credit to the therapeutic community in Los Angeles Stewart not only treats symptoms but heals the underlying root causes, leaving individuals and couples rejuvenated and empowered. For anyone looking for a sex therapist, Dr. Karen Stewart is one of a kind.

Dr. Karen Stewart


Santa Monica Office

3201 Wilshire Blvd Suite 320

Santa Monica, CA 90403

424) 272-8659

Beverly Hills Office

864 S Robertson Blvd Suite 210

Los Angeles, CA 90035

(424) 272-8659

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