Doctor Claims $300 'Jesus Shot' is a Miracle Cure for Chronic Pain Sufferers

By Valerie Tejeda 03/23/16

The ingredients in the shot have been approved to treat inflammation, and according to Dr. Mike, it can nix chronic pain for life.

Doctor Claims 'Jesus Shot' is a Miracle Cure for Chronic Pain Sufferers
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For many people suffering from chronic pain, the search for non-addictive treatments can be tiring and frustrating.

This leaves lots of patients desperate and willing to try almost anything to get relief. A Texas lawmaker recently made headlines for traveling to Oklahoma (allegedly on the taxpayers' dime) to get an unconventional pain treatment called the “Jesus Shot.” Surprisingly, the shot is approved by the FDA and costs around $300. 

The secret in the shot is two drugs (Dexamethasone and Kenalog) and one vitamin (B12). So far, the Jesus Shot has only been administered by John Michael Lonergan aka “Dr. Mike” out of Oklahoma. Here’s another interesting fact—Dr. Lonergan happens to be a convicted felon. The doctor was apprehended on eight felony charges (mail fraud, healthcare fraud, tax evasion, and more) back in 2004 and sentenced to two years in prison, which led to him losing his medical license in Ohio. Upon moving to Oklahoma, he petitioned the state’s medical board to practice within the state, and luckily, won out. 

Also a bit unusual is how the doctor thought up the shot’s name, saying it came to him by way of a higher power. “Thirty-three years ago I had a friend with severe allergies and asthma. He could no longer work outside and was losing income,” the doctor explained in a statement. “I prayed as I drove to his house, asking for help. I believe Jesus answered that prayer with this formula I use with FDA approved ingredients.”

All of the shot’s ingredients have been approved to treat inflammation, and according to Dr. Lonergan, the Jesus Shot can nix chronic pain for life. "It is a ‘Jesus Shot' for me," a patient of Dr. Lonergan, Stacy Evans, said. "I feel so good. I don't care what's in the shot."

But not everyone is on board with the miracle shot. Dr. Vania Apkarian, a physical medicine and rehabilitation professor at Northwestern University who has studied pain in animals and humans for two decades, told Fox News he finds the shot’s healing claims to be “outrageous,” saying the success rate of these drugs are usually only 10 to 20%—if you’re lucky.

“This is some variant of giving some anti-inflammatory drug and cortisol, which is what all chronic pain patients are treated with regularly in almost all pain clinics,” Apkarian explained. “It’s effective for a week or so, and eventually the pain comes back. This is quackery. There is nothing in here that is anything different from the standard lines of managing pain.”

But even though many aren’t convinced of the Jesus Shot's healing power, the Oklahoma Medical Board says the procedure is perfectly legal and something that has been a pain antidote for over three decades, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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