Dellwood Recovery Center

By The Fix staff 08/17/17

Dellwood Recovery Center provides a wide range of addiction programs for adolescent and adult clients with treatment philosophy rooted in 12-step principles as well as evidence-based therapies.

Dellwood Recovery Center
Location : 701 South Dellwood St Cambridge, MN 55008
Phone : (763) 688-7723
Price : $62,850 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Located an hour north of Minneapolis in Cambridge, Minnesota, the Dellwood Recovery Center provides a wide range of addiction programs for adolescent and adult clients. Part of the Allina Health’s Cambridge Medical Center, Dellwood’s treatment philosophy is rooted in 12-step principles as well as evidence-based therapies. Founded in 1981, Dellwood provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes detox, residential and outpatient care. However, it is not licensed for dual diagnosis support.

Facility and Meals

As it is part of Cambridge Medical Center, the Dellwood facility is a clinical setting with a communal atmosphere. The facility is co-ed with 23 beds, with all clients sharing a gender-specific room with one roommate. Rooms offer comfortable, full-sized beds, basic furnishings, plenty of natural light and a half bath. Shower time is scheduled according to gender, with one communal shower per hallway. There are multiple therapy rooms, all of which have been recently remodeled.

While residents are kept very busy, there are amenities to enjoy during free time. The campus grounds are equipped with shuffleboard, a basketball court and there is a TV in the large group room. Clients enjoy an outdoor cookouts on Sundays.

Meals are delivered to Dellwood clients from the cafeteria at Cambridge Medical Center. The menu is well-balanced with plenty of protein-rich foods like turkey, chicken and fish. Clients enjoy tacos and hero sandwiches on weekends.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Dellwood Recovery Center provides detox, residential and outpatient services for adult clients as well as outpatient care for adolescents. Each client’s admission process involves a physician visit and an assessment interview between client and counselor as well as family and counselor. For those in need, detox can be provided that includes around-the-clock supervision by the nursing staff. This process takes between two and seven days.

Lengths of stay in the residential program vary depending on the specific needs of the clients. The typical treatment length is between 20 and 30 days. A resident’s typical day includes group therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and on-site 12-step meetings. The facility offers weekly individual therapy and plenty of 12-step support. Other programs include peer group therapy, anger management, relapse prevention and family education. In addition, the facility offers a self-assessment class called “Insight” that gives clients an opportunity to conduct their own assessment of their addiction. An exercise video is available for clients willing to wake up early.

Outpatient is a key aspect to the treatment program at Dellwood. To this end, the facility offers a flexible schedule to meet the client’s needs, including a six-hour intensive day program and a program with therapy equally divided between mornings and evenings. For adolescent clients, the facility accommodates after-school outpatient services. Like the residential treatment program, outpatient services are rooted in the 12-steps.

Dellwood offers a comprehensive program to support the family and friends of clients. This includes group sessions and private conferences between the client, their loved ones and a therapist.

The team at Dellwood is comprised of LADCs, physicians, psychologists, Master’s –level therapists and a nursing team.

Bonus Amenities

Despite the busy schedule and limited downtime, clients are encouraged to participate in holistic methods like art therapy, physical fitness classes, meditation and yoga. Clients can also leave campus for church on Sundays.


The Dellwood Recovery Center, connected with the Cambridge Medical Center, offers clients a 12-step rooted treatment plan that includes detox, residential and outpatient care. The facility is not licensed to treat clients with co-occurring disorders, but they do provide behavioral health counseling. With access to the hospital, clients staying at the Dellwood facility benefit from the expansive, professional staff and clinical environment.

Dellwood Recovery Center

701 South Dellwood St

Cambridge, MN 55008

(763) 688-7723

Dellwood Recovery Center Cost: $62,850 (30 days); accepts insurance. Find Dellwood Recovery Center via Allina Health onFacebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest and LinkedIn

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