Dave East: I Quit Xanax Because I “Couldn’t Get It Up”

By Bryan Le 08/19/19

The rapper was not about to compromise his sex life for Xanax.

Dave East performing in June 2017
Dave East needs to be able to perform. Chris ATL / Wikimedia

An interview with Dave East with Bootleg Kev on Real 92.3 took a very personal turn when the rapper revealed why he no longer messes with Xanax.

“So what made me stop using ‘em—I’m gonna keep it real hundred—what really got me off them drugs, I couldn’t get up,” he said in the interview. “You know, that’s a muscle relaxant!”

According to his cautionary tale, a night of passion was cut short when East found that his friend downstairs couldn’t seem to bone up.

“It happened like twice… I told her what it was, I was like ‘yo, I took this pill, I’m fucked, this ain’t me’” he recounted, embarrassed but unbowed. “The girl was like ‘Me, am I doing something wrong?’”

He says he reassured her that his impotence wasn’t because of her or himself, but due to chemical interference. “‘No, you doin’ everything right, it’s just I’m on something,’ and ‘You know, Call me tomorrow… this might wear off,’” he recalled saying.

The experience was enough to get East to quit Xanax entirely as performance is important to East and his lifestyle.

“I gotta be at attention, bro,” he said emphatically. “Ain’t no way i'm gonna be on something and can't be ON something.”

Other Stars

East isn’t the only name in hip hop to turn his back on Xanax. Even Lil Xan is sober and trying to get his fans away from Xanax despite the drug being his namesake.

“My whole movement is getting kids off of Xanax,” said Lil Xan in an interview. “That’s what we’re trying to do. I make it very clear on all social media aspects and the people know now. We’re going to keep pushing that until it’s in your face and you can’t ignore it.”

This sentiment has made it into his music as well.

“Xans don’t make you, Xans gon’ take you, Xans gon’ fake you, Xans gon’ betray you,” goes the chorus of Lil Xan’s track “Betrayed.”

Celebrities of all stripes have felt the negative touch of Xanax.

Kelly Osbourne, now sober, recalled the old days of battling anxiety with tons of different meds. Justin Bieber recalls his own Xanax abuse getting “pretty dark,” telling stories of when his own security team had to check his pulse and see if he was still breathing.

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