Curing Addiction by Healing the Soul

By The Fix staff 05/23/19

“My program is designed for people who are sick and tired of a slew of prescriptions of western medications, endless hours of talk therapy and group therapy."

Holistic Sanctuary, Baja, California
The Holistic Sanctuary in Baja, California

Johnny Tabaie believes that people with substance use disorder can heal completely from their addictions, live their lives and thrive without the stigma of ‘once an addict always an addict.’

“There is a way to get completely healed, and to get your life back,” says Tabaie.

He knows because he has seen it firsthand. Tabaie first started using drugs when he was 13, and for 20 years he lived a life plagued with depression, addiction and trauma.

When he was 33 he finally got sober and healed himself using alternative treatments for addiction, which ultimately allowed him to help more than 1,000 people heal from substance abuse through The Holistic Sanctuary, a healing center that he founded in Baja, California.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, Tabaie offers a variety of alternative treatment methods dubbed The Pouyan Method. The method includes nine hours of one-on-one therapy per day, a diet of organic, raw super foods for nutritional-based healing, massage, reiki, yoga, hyperbaric chamber sessions, powerful five hour IV drips, and sacred and ancient plant medicine treatments that are derived from around the world.

“I want to transform people's lives and get them off toxic medications and drugs and promote healing,” Tabaie says. “My program is designed for people who are sick and tired of a slew of prescriptions of western medications, endless hours of talk therapy and group therapy."

When Tabaie was getting sober he was again and again ordered to 12-step programs. While that form of treatment works for many people it never clicked for him. That’s why Tabaie began researching alternative treatments, and learning about holistic medicine, ancient and sacred medicines.

“I found all these noninvasive healing modalities, effective non-addictive treatments, sacraments that reset the brain, removed trauma, and thought this is amazing,” he recalls. “It became an avalanche.”

When he heard about sacred plant healing he was impressed, and felt he had to try it. He had nothing to lose, since he had tried everything else and nothing worked.

Soon, Tabaie was meditating a few hours everyday, and learning about reiki healing, energy work and non-traditional treatments. He realized that these holistic methods for treating addiction are often vastly under utilized.

Today, he aims to help heal anyone wanting to overcome substance use disorder connect with treatments that can heal their soul and help them live without cravings or ongoing maintenance medications. The Pouyan Method focuses on healing the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system. The plant medicine helps people reconnect to the inner core of their being, which Tabaie called “their soul.”

“I teach my clients take their power back,” Tabaie says. “When people are empowered and inspired they can do anything they put their minds to and follow their dreams; they are able to connect with their true selves; and they no longer need to rely on destructive ways, and hurtful patterns, or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.”

He continued: “I aim to create a safe space and healing place for them to reconnect to their soul. I create the space and the medicine does most of the work. I’ve created a place where it’s common to have a true ‘spiritual awakening.’”

As people engage with the healing modalities at The Holistic Sanctuary and undergo the series of plant ceremonies, they are transformed, Tabaie says. He often sees people arrive who are worn down and close to death, and after a couple of weeks they are able to thrive and flourish when they give themselves time to heal.

Before and After Photos:

“There is a shift in perception, perspective, and a shift in their whole life,” Tabaie says. “Most leave completely transformed, a total opposite person from when they came in.”

The real test comes when people leave The Holistic Sanctuary and return home. Eight out of 10 stay sober for a year or longer, Tabaie says. Here is just one testimonial of a past patient who was transformed:

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“They’re living their lives, excelling in their jobs, career and family,” Tabaie says. “They’re being model citizens and living normal lives.”

People who have been through The Holistic Sanctuary are able to live their lives freely when they get home.

“There’s a way to get totally healed,” Tabaie says. “There’s a way to reset the brain.”

Without being tethered to maintenance therapy, people who have been through Tabaie’s program can focus on living the most fulfilling life possible, he says.

“Most of my clients leave and go out and live their life, do what they love, like hiking, biking, yoga, exercise, mindfulness, get new hobbies and start thriving. That’s their new lifestyle, that’s their therapy.”

Today, Tabaie’s life involves helping other people heal, and raising awareness about addiction treatment therapies that fall outside the scope of Western medicine and traditions. He has seen the way that these practices have helped his clients, and also how they have transformed his own life.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxury treatment center for substance abuse, addiction and PTSD located in Baja, California. Get more information by emailing [email protected] or calling 310-601-7805.

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