Crossroads Centre

By The Fix staff 06/11/19

A very well-rounded program, treatment relies on evidence-based models and 12-step as well as holistic practices.

Crossroads Centre
Location : PO Box 3592 St. John’s Antigua West Indies
Phone : 888-452-0091
Price : $15,500 for 4-week residential treatment program; $21,750 for 6-week program; $28,000 for 8 weeks
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Founded in 1998 by iconic musician and recovering addict Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre Antigua is located on the island of St. John's Antigua in the West Indies, just north of the equator in the Caribbean. A beautiful location to begin recovery, Antigua enjoys year round sunny weather and is known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water.

Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities known as CARF, Crossroads Centre Antigua is a nonprofit organization that offers medically managed detox, residential 12-step treatment program and family therapy. Treatment is available for men and women who are actively struggling with alcohol, cocaine, opioid or cannabis abuse. The programming here also offers dual diagnosis support for individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders in addiction to addiction. Crossroads Centre Antigua also operates a halfway house, retreats and workshops.

Facility and Meals

Located close to the beach with ocean views, Crossroads Centre Antigua is a resort style facility that includes separate casita style living quarters. Both private rooms with queen sized bed and shared gender-specific rooms with two twin beds are available. Much like an upscale hotel, each room includes its own full private bath, desk and chair, closet and patio.

The grounds include a pool, on-site gym, outdoor dining and lounge space and a common living room with a TV.

In terms of food, all clients meet with a nutritionist to assess dietary needs. They eat three meals a day served buffet style in a dining room.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Crossroads Centre Antigua offers specific treatment for clients with alcohol, cocaine, opioids, cannabis addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. Treatment begins with medically managed detox that can last seven to 10 days, per the client’s individual needs. Detox is managed by an international ASAM certified medical director and full nursing and medical team. During detox, a medical team assesses and evaluates the person, then creates an individualized treatment plan that addresses both substance addiction and mental health needs.

There is no set length of time for the residential program at Crossroads. The length of treatment ranges from 30 to 90 days, depending on the needs of the client.

All substance addiction treatment follows evidence-based models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Clients also receive individual and group therapy, trauma-informed care and 12-step support. Crossroads Centre Antigua offers holistic pain management and off-site experiential therapy that includes volunteer opportunities and social excursions.

The staff at Crossroads includes a medical physician, clinical director and advisor, RNs, licensed therapists (including a primary therapist with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology) and a dietitian.

In terms of schedule, a typical day at Crossroads begins at 7 am with breakfast and exercise. Breakfast is followed by AA, NA or Al Anon, meditation, readings and announcements, acupuncture and Didactic therapy. After they eat lunch, clients can expect individual or group therapy, yoga, physical fitness or beach therapy. Once dinner is finished, there are client led AA and NA reflections. Additionally, the schedule incorporates free, flexible time built in each day for clients to enjoy the grounds and additional wellness services. Weekends include on-site movie screenings and family visitation on Sundays. In keeping with the 12-step principle of being of service to others, through treatment at Crossroads there are opportunities for clients to go off-site for supervised volunteering. Activities for socializing also happen off campus.

In addition to its residential treatment program, Crossroads Centre Antigua operates Bevon House, a halfway house for clients who need additional supervised support after treatment.

Before leaving treatment, clients receive an individualized recovery plan for the “real world.” Aftercare includes a robust alumni program with local chapters throughout the US, Canada, UK and Caribbean. These established chapters help former Crossroads clients connect with established alumni and 12-step groups in their respective communities. Recovery support includes access to local resources, monthly support newsletters and invitations to events, dinners and to Alumni Renewal Retreats.

In addition to its alumni retreat, Crossroads Centre Antigua offers a five day on-site family therapy program. It integrates individual, group and family therapy, didactic lectures and educational materials to strengthen boundaries and communication.

Bonus Amenities

Fitness specialists are available to craft individualized wellness and fitness plans for clients. Crossroads residents can also enjoy spa style private rooms for therapeutic massage and acupuncture. Ground transportation is available to clients for off-site activities.

Crossroads Centre Antigua offers massage therapy during detox to assist with pain management. Wellness programs offered to all clients during treatment includes yoga, auricular acupuncture and spiritual counseling to deepen spiritual aspect of 12 steps.

Art therapy and aquatics are also included in treatment plans. Every week clients enjoy an afternoon at the beach for recreation and seaside therapy that helps creative positive experiences while in treatment.

As previously mentioned, Crossroads Centre offers five day retreats to alumni to renew their commitment to sobriety. Retreats offer coping skill training, 12-step support, group and seaside therapy. Holistic therapy including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage are also included in these retreats.

Crossroads Centre Antigua also sponsors Rokelle Lerner Workshops. These are two day seminars for those in recovery who are still healing from trauma and relationship issues. The workshops offer an action plan for clients that want to strengthen their resiliency.


Accredited by CARF, Crossroads Centre Antigua is a nonprofit organization with a goal to provide clients with tools to commit to abstaining from alcohol and drugs and a change in lifestyle that supports abstinence. Crossroads Centre offers medically managed detox and also treats co-occuring mental health disorders in addition to substance use disorders. A very well-rounded program, treatment relies on evidence-based models and 12-step as well as holistic practices like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, art and seaside therapy. In addition, clients get to experience off-site supervised volunteering and socializing opportunities. It’s worth noting, US Passports are required for US clients to attend Crossroads Centre.

Crossroads Centre Antigua Location

PO Box 3592

St. John’s Antigua

West Indies

(888) 452-0091 (USA and Canada)


(268) 562-0035 (all other countries)

Crossroads Centre Antigua Cost

$15,500 (4-week program); $21,750 (6-week program); 28,000 (8 weeks)

Private pay, insurance, financial assistance

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