Zetas Founder Captured in Mexico

By Will Godfrey 12/13/11

"El Lucky," a cartel leader on Mexico's most wanted list, is caught, along with enough guns for a small army.

Marines take no chances with El Lucky at a
press conference.
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Mexican marines captured an alleged founder of Mexico's notorious Zetas cartel yesterday—along with a huge hoard of weaponry. Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga—known as "El Lucky"—ran out of fortune in the Mexican city of Cordoba, following a shoot-out in which another suspect died and a marine was injured. Hernandez Lechuga was on a Mexican government list of 37 most wanted criminals: $1.1 million was offered for information leading to his arrest, plus another $1 million from the US DEA. According to officials, El Lucky ran Zetas operations across ten states in Mexico, and is linked to the suspected recent abductions of nine marines in Veracruz state. Hernandez Lechuga and four men captured with him were shown off to the media today. With bulletproof vests bearing the letter "Z," 133 rifles, 36 pistols, five grenade launchers and 29 grenades among their arsenal, the mystery is how they were taken alive at all.

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