More Young Men Get Hooked on Viagra

By Valerie Tejeda 10/05/12

Men in their 20s and 30s with performance anxiety are increasingly becoming dependent on the little blue pills.

Young Viagra addicts are popping up.
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Sex therapists are seeing an increasing amount of young men (20s and 30s) whose performance anxiety issues are leading them to become psychologically dependent on Viagra. New stats show that more than 20 million men have used the drug. Although it was developed to help with erectile dysfunction, an affliction primarily associated with older males, studies suggest that it's increasingly used by young men to boost libido and enhance sexual performance. Even more worrying, many young people are combining Viagra with other drugs, like MDMA, cocaine, and alcohol—putting them at risk of health problems. It's also become one of the world's most popular black market drugs. Daniel Atkinson, 32, says he now needs two Viagra to enjoy sex. “No matter how I’m feeling, what’s going through my head, or how attracted to the woman I’m with, it makes no difference. Now, if I know I’m due to see a woman, I discreetly take two pills beforehand,” he says. “I sometimes find it hard to do without Viagra.” Many health professionals worry that non-recommended use of Viagra could cause long-term problems. For those who find it hard to stop, there's even a support group: Viagraholics Anonymous.

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