Gunmen Murder Two at Alcohol-Serving Hotel in Yemen

By Luke Walker 01/04/12

Masked Islamic militants fire indiscriminately in a hotel that sells alcohol to its guests.

Yemeni Al-Qaeda militants. Photo via

A group of armed militants stormed a hotel in Yemen today, killing two and injuring 20 because the hotel was selling alcohol—a violation of strict Islamic law. Witnesses say that about five masked attackers—said to be members of the Yemeni branch of Al-Qaeda—entered the hotel lobby in the southern city of Sanaa early this morning, firing on guests and employees indiscriminately. Before fleeing, the gunmen poured fuel onto the hotel carpets in an attempt to set the hotel alight. The attack comes amid a power struggle in Yemen, which has seen a surge of increasingly bold attacks by Islamic militants in recent years, including the firebombing of an Ethiopian social club three years ago. The militants seek to impose their strict version of Sharia law on the country, making liquor-serving establishments prime targets.

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