Whoopi Goldberg to Write Pot Column For Denver Post

By McCarton Ackerman 04/21/14

Even though she was once a functioning addict, the Oscar-winning actress turned to vaporized weed to treat headaches stemming from glaucoma.


One of the co-hosts on The View is set to start giving her view on all things marijuana.

Whoopi Goldberg has signed on to write a bi-monthly column for the Denver Post on their marijuana news and culture website called The Cannabist. The Oscar-winning actress debuted her first column yesterday and said that she been smoking pot out of a portable vaporizer pen named “Sippy” to treat glaucoma-related headaches. She had previously taken Advil daily.

“My head starts hurting, my eyes start bugging, my whole body starts to tense up. But then I find her, and it relaxes everything and calms everything. It helps my head stop hurting, and with glaucoma your eyes ache, and she takes the ache out. It's wonderful,” wrote Goldberg. “It’s important for people to know that there are alternatives out there to pain management. And this one is particularly magical.”

Goldberg said that she was also introduced to vaporizers by her daughter after telling her that she had difficulty smoking joints. She praised vape pens with cartridges of THC oil because “if you’re not a smoker or you can’t inhale deeply, it’s a wonderful way of ingesting cannabis,” while also claiming that her strain of choice is the indica-dominant Platinum OG.

“These pens are light, compact and portable. The vapor is inoffensive and subtle. And for me a lot of the new pot is too strong — and when I take edibles I rarely come out of the room. With the vape pen, you have more control over how much THC you ingest,” she explained. “The high is different, too…it’s like someone undoing a vise grip, very slowly. It’s not overpowering and I’m certainly not looking for that high high. I’m looking for relief."

In 2011, Goldberg revealed on The View that she was a "fully functioning" drug addict at the height of her fame. "I went to work because I knew if I didn't show up, a lot of people would be out of work," she said. "And I wouldn't get a check and I wouldn't have the lifestyle I needed to buy all my drugs."

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