Video: US Navy's Nightmarish Bath Salts Warning

By Ben Feuerherd 01/03/13

The Navy releases a creepy zombie video as part of a new campaign against designer drugs.

The new face of bath salts via

The U.S. Navy recently released a public service announcement relating the horrors of the designer drug "bath salts." In a harrowing video (below), viewers look out through the eyes of a young man "jacked up" on the synthetic drug, as his friends and girlfriend turn into ghoulish zombie. "Bath salts not only will jack-up your family and your career," warns Naval Doctor and Officer, Lt. George Loeffler, in the ad, "they will jack up your mind and your body too." The video is part of a campaign rolled out last month to emphasize the Navy's "zero-tolerance policy on designer drug use," said Valeria A. Kremer, of the U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Public Affairs. Bath salts set off a firestorm of media scaremongering last year when they were mistakenly blamed for the "Miami Cannibal" incident, when a man's face was nearly chewed off. But the Navy is evidently not aiming to put fear of bath salts to rest anytime soon, referring to the drug's hallucinogenic properties with the warning: "Bath salts: It's not a's a nightmare." 

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