First U.S. Medical Marijuana Commercial Plays For Laughs

By Bryan Le 03/05/14's one minute ad, which features a shady sushi dealer, will air on major networks such as Fox, CNN, and ESPN.

Shady dealer. Photo via

The first-ever commercial for medical marijuana in the United States wants to make you laugh. The one-minute ad, created for, features a shady dealer peddling sushi and the "finest sashimi this area has seen in years" from the inside pockets of his jacket.

“You wouldn’t buy your sushi from this guy,” the voiceover says. “So why would you buy your marijuana from him?”

While pot doesn't spoil as easily as sushi does inside jacket pockets, the logic is sound—there are no set standards for quality, freshness, and safety for street dealers.

“We felt the viewing public would agree that in the states providing safe access, continuing to obtain medicine illegally is as absurd as purchasing raw fish from a drug dealer,” said’s CEO Jason Draizin in a press release.

The company acts as a middleman, finding and connecting doctors who prescribe medical marijuana with patients who need it. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 20 states. The new ad will air in New Jersey on major Comcast networks, including Fox, CNN, and ESPN. According to Draizin's press release, getting networks to air the marijuana-related spot was not easy—a fact the Marijuana Policy Project knows well.

”Marijuana has been demonized by our government for decades, so many people still have a knee-jerk negative reaction to anything that even mentions the substance,” said Mason Tvert, the communications director for the MPP. “Over the past decade, we have been rejected by countless TV networks and billboard companies.”

See's commercial below:

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