"The Situation" Taunted for Getting Sober

By McCarton Ackerman 06/12/12

Recently out of rehab, the Jersey Shore star finds himself harassed for his new-found sobriety.

A new situation on his hands
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Who knew that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino could be a sympathetic figure? The Sitch has been working hard on his recovery ever since leaving a Utah rehab facility this past April for an addiction to prescription pills, but partiers on the Jersey Shore don't seem to be embracing his new lifestyle: They've been repeatedly mocking him for getting sober. "Mike has been consistently taunted by other club-goers for not drinking," says one show insider. "He has been handling it pretty well but it can get embarrassing and awkward for him to consistently be harassed for it. It has been hard for him to deal with at times because his sobriety is still rather new." The obvious solution for many might be to just stay at home—but The Sitch believes that going out won't harm his recovery. The inside source says he's been fully on the wagon this season and far more low-key in the Jersey Shore house this year, choosing to spend more time with a pregnant and alcohol-free Snooki at her nearby beach home. 

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