Help Addicted Stars Before ODs, Pleads Sharon Osbourne

By Fionna Agomuoh 02/13/12

Sharon Osbourne calls out the public for bullying famous addicts.

Sharon Osbourne shows love for famous addicts.
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Talk show host and rock wife Sharon Osbourne is using the death of Whitney Houston to spread awareness that addicts—including celebs—need help while they're still alive, rather than just praise after they die. Members of Osbourne’s family, including husband Ozzy Osbourne, daughter Kelly and son Jack, have long histories of drug abuse, but are now sober. Yesterday, Sharon tweeted about the hypocrisy of fans mocking addicted celebrities, rather than offering help and support. Mentioning Houston—as well as her fellow late, addicted music superstars Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse—Osbourne wrote, "It always takes for them to die before we shower them with praise and adulation. They were addicts and there are many addicts still alive. Don't mock them, just help them."

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