Robbie Williams Would Do Drugs With His Daughter

By Victoria Kim 06/24/13

The British pop star says he'd sacrifice his own sobriety to teach his daughter how to do drugs safely.

Probably not a DARE spokesman
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Robbie Williams has an unconventional approach to parenting and drug use: Rather than discouraging his daughter from doing drugs, he would teach her how. The British pop star, who got sober after overcoming a battle with drug and alcohol addiction, says he would use drugs again if his now nine-month-old daughter, Teddy, chooses to experiment when she's older. “If unfortunately that does happen, I’ll know what to do. Which is make sure she’s got the best drugs possibleand take them with her," says the 39-year-old singer. He even wrote a song for Teddy in which he addresses his own drug use and comes clean to his daughter about her family history "Sit down, close the door I think it’s time you knew the score, why you feel weird," it goes. "One day you’ll be told about, how Daddy let his demons out, yeah he makes them scream and shout. So what better when you’re old enough, and you’re out on your own and stuff, if you start losing hold of love it’s because your uncle sells drugs, your cousin is a cutter, your grandma is a fluffer, your grandad’s in the gutter, your mother is a nutter, you’re a mad motherfucker.” Williams first got sober at 19, after his addictions spiraled in his late teens, but says he hopes Teddy won't follow his example. “I doubt she’ll be like me," he says. "Touch wood, and follow that with a lot of love and a lot of luck, she won’t go there or have to go there."

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