Trey Radel Leaves Rehab to Return to Work

By Shawn Dwyer 12/20/13

The cocaine congressman is ready to get back to it after being treated for ongoing problems with alcohol, not the Devil’s dandruff.

Cocaine congressman rides again. Photo via

On Thursday, Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) left a rehab facility in Naples, Fla., where he spent the past 28 days as part of his sentencing after pleading guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession last month.

Only instead of cocaine, Radel was treated for alcoholism. "Alcohol is my issue," Radel said. “[It] does not work for me. It was selfishly fun, but it became a problem when it led to poor choices, and more than that, missed opportunities." In an apparent nod to Toronto’s comically embattled mayor, Rob Ford, Radel claimed that his cocaine use only occurred while drinking and that he only used the drug a “handful of times.”

Radel made his first public appearance in almost a month when he gave a press conference following his departure from the treatment center with his wife, Amy Wegmann, standing by his side. When asked, he confirmed that he was ready to return to Capitol Hill. "I love what I do, and I'm going to return to what I do," Radel said. "No one will take away my passion when it comes to serving southwest Florida." But he declined to answer questions about whether or not he will seek reelection.

But regardless of his passion for the job, even members of his own party have called on Radel to resign. Meanwhile, an official investigation by the House Ethics Committee is already underway.

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