New App Tracks Your Drinking Habits and Shares the Info with Alcohol Companies

By May Wilkerson 07/01/15

BARTRENDr can track how much alcohol you consume even over the course of a year.

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Not everyone wants to know how much booze they’re imbibing over the course of a year. But for those who do, a new mobile app called BARTRENDr tracks and analyzes your drinking habits.

The app can tell how much you drink, the type and brands of booze you consume, the average time of consumption, and even which bars you frequent. At the end of a year, BARTRENDr compiles all this info into an annual report, for your reading pleasure.

Unlike a fitbit, the app won’t automatically log how much you drink; you have to do it yourself. But the payoff is insight into your drinking habits, which could be helpful for problem drinkers looking to cut back or wondering if they should quit.

But the app’s main focus is not to help you monitor your drinking or cutback; in fact, quite the opposite. Billed as a “social networking app for bar-goers,” like a drunk Facebook, BARTRENDr includes three sections: "Share," "Buddies," and "Bars."

The "Share" tab lets you log the atmosphere of a bar and the type of people. It's also for snapping photos of the bar you’re in or what beverage you’re drinking. The "Bars" tab helps you find other trending bars nearby. The "Buddies" tab is for connecting with friends who have the app or meeting new ones.

All of this data is shared with alcohol companies to help them market their products. "We can look at what last week’s Corona drinker looks like. Whether they also drink shots. Or what percentage of their drinking was beer," said the app’s co-founder and CEO Devon Bergman. "We’re about helping the brands. The system is so archaic. They sell to the distributors, they sell to the bars or they sell to the consumer. They want to know the trends."

This information was so popular with alcohol companies that Bergman came up with the idea to share the reports with users. "When we began providing beverage brands insight into consumption patterns, we realized how valuable the same concept could be for our user base,” he said.

Keeping track of your booze intake and sharing the info with the companies that stand to profit off your drinking might not be everyone’s idea of fun. But it hasn’t been a flop so far: in the last five months, the app has received a million dollars in funding and has so far been downloaded 700,000 times.

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