Is Miley Cyrus' Song About Cocaine and MDMA?

By Bryan Le 06/05/13

The pop singer catches flack for referencing "molly" and "lines in the bathroom" in her latest hit.

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Is Miley Cyrus' latest hit song a testimony to drugs? The pop singer stirred controversy with the lyrics of “We Can't Stop” (video below)—another song about partying in the USA—which seem to reference cocaine and ecstasy. Many interpreted the lines: “La-da-di-da-di / We like to party / Dancin’ with molly / Doin’ whatever we want,” as a reference to molly—a popular nickname for MDMA. And the second verse—“Everyone in line in the bathroom / Trying to get a line in the bathroom / We all so turnt up here / Gettin’ turnt up yeah yeah”—has been widely interpreted as a cocaine reference. Also, according to Urban Dictionary, “turnt up” means “thee act of getting drunk and high to thee highest degree,” or “a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics, also being happy and excited and energetic.” But a representative for Mike WiLL Made It, the song's producer, claims that the song is about “dancin' with Miley,” not molly. He gave no comment about the “line in the bathroom." But 20-year-old Cyrus, who is no stranger to media controversy, seems unperturbed by the most recent claims of her using and/or promoting drugs. "Everyone always judges and says what they want, but my fans … have really stood by me no matter what I've been through," she said Monday, "and this is a song that says where I'm at in my life right now."

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