Starr Power

By Donel DeFreese 04/08/11


The overdose of 44-yearold Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr is new raising awareness of addiction

Alice in Chains band member was on "Celebrity Rehab."
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Robert J. Lindsey wants America to see what it has been missing. With recent media attention on the drug-related death of former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr, the President and CEO of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence did an interview with MTV’s Ryan Downey to highlight the fact that while the death of Mike Starr is tragic enough to make the news, it seems lost on the nation that about 10% of the population is struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Starr had recently been participating on "Celebrity Rehab" and was said to be doing well. "The first thing to understand about alcoholism and addiction is that it's similar to other chronic illnesses, like heart disease or diabetes.  It's chronic, it's progressive, and it's fatal if it's untreated… [Starr's death] is alcoholism and addiction played out to its logical conclusion absent recovery. As tragic as that is to watch, almost 20 million people are living in recovery”, he added. “The public needs to know that story.”

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