Mexican Enforcer Nabbed After Mudering 18 Addicts at Rehab

By Bryan Le 02/08/12

Captured cartel leader was found with an explosive cache of weapons, including guns that originated from the ATF's controversial 'Fast and Furious' Program.

Cops keep a grip on Torres Marrufo. Photo via

Police in Mexico city have arrested Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, 33, an infamous, high-ranking enforcer in Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel. Behind the mirrored walls of Torres Marrufo's basement gym police discovered a secret room; inside was a cache of guns from the discredited US "Fast and Furious" program and a number of other powerful high-grade weapons, such as an anti-aircraft machine gun. "We have seized the most important cache of weapons in the history of Ciudad Juarez," claims Chihuahua state Gov. Cesar Duarte. Torres Marrufo was wanted for a long list of cartel-related crimes including murder, extortion, kidnapping and sale and drug distribution—he also allegedly masterminded the 2009 massacre of 18 people at a Ciudad Juarez drug clinic. Cartels often prey on recovering addicts at such facilities, using their addictions to force them into their ranks—and making them potential targets for rival gangs.

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