Mini Meth Lab Explodes in Man's Pants

By Fionna Agomuoh 05/03/12

A meth-cooking driver flees a routine traffic stop, resulting in a particularly hazardous explosion.

Man had meth lab in pants, was not happy
to see cops.
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A routine traffic stop turned in to a combustible drug bust when an Oklahoma man fled due to the meth lab he was carrying in his pants. When David Williams was pulled over by a Highway Patrol trooper and issued a ticket for speeding, he soon became nervous about the illegal cargo hidden near his nether-regions. When a suspicious chemical odor prompted the trooper, Shiloh Hill, to question him, Williams panicked, exited his SUV and took off down the street. The fugitive was soon apprehended, and during the subsequent scuffle, Hill "determined there was an active meth lab in his pants that burst during the struggle and got all over [Hills'] body." The chemicals involved in a portable meth lab are often stored in easy-to-carry containers, such as water bottles. However, if the container is flipped, the chemicals will mix, and the force of the reaction will likely cause the container to explode. So storing a portable meth lab in your pants and running is hardly the smartest idea, as meth labs are unstable even when they are stationary. Williams, who presumably wasn't privy to this information, is lucky to be relatively unscathed and in prison.

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