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Man Hides Cocaine Under Cop Car

By Kirwan Gray 07/21/11

UK coke head busted as he went back for his $400 worth of product.

Not the perfect stash box.
Photo via autoblog

It’s just never a good idea to stash your cocaine under a police car, a Worcester, England drug user learned recently. Oh, it might sound like a good idea, but there’s that nasty catch: At some point, you have to retrieve your stash. And that is, of course, the point at which Dean Ludlow, 39, was arrested  as he went looking for his $400 worth of coke. Officers report that Ludlow had been picked up for “acting suspiciously” and that on the way to the police station, he was “fidgeting with the left side of his trousers.”  He was released, but a police sergeant saw him looking frantically under parked squad cars. That was, as they say in law enforcement circles, a clue. After his re-arrest, Ludlow admitted that “he had a packet of drugs between his buttocks and while being transferred it fell down his trouser leg and as he got out of the squad car he flicked the bag with his foot, out of the vehicle,” said a local prosecutor. And it would have worked, but.... well, you know the rest.

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