Mackenzie Phillips Has A Brand New Job—And of course, a New Reality Show

By Kirwan Gray 06/27/11

New reality show will feature the recently-recovered sitcom star as an addiction counselor.

Lifestyle change.
Photo via poponthepop

Notorious drug-user Mackenzie Phillips, the former star of the ironically named sitcom One Day at a Time, daughter of The Mama's and Papa's John Phillips, and author of a book about family incest, is embarking on a brand new career. After spending years under the supervision of various addiction docs and counselors, she is planning to become a certified addiction counselor herself. And to make sure we don’t miss any of it, a new reality show called No Relapse will document Ms. Phillips’ progress. 

TMZ informs us that Phillips, 51, is halfway through an addiction treatment certification program that would “pave the way for what she hopes will be her new life's work helping others.”

"On drugs, gosh, I was probably spending a thousand dollars a day," Phillips has said, reflecting on her years as a drug addict during a recent episode of the Oprah Winfrey. "I would turn out all the lights and creep around the house and peek out the window... I spent hours staring into trees and bushes." Those sound like some seriously high-end job qualifications to us. But the question of whether former addicts should be addiction counselors still inspires a lot of debate in the treatment community, even though there is no consensus and likely never will be. We hope Mackenzie turns out to be a killer counselor. The TV show is expected to premiere in September.

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