Lostprophets Singer Blames Drug Addiction For Child Sex Crimes

By McCarton Ackerman 12/20/13

The depraved singer arrogantly tries to shift the blame for his horrific crimes onto his addiction to drugs.

He should be hanged instead.
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Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced yesterday to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to a series of horrific child sex crimes that included the attempted rape of two babies. Two mothers, simply identified as Woman A and Woman B, received 14 and 17 years behind bars for giving their babies to Watkins to be sexually abused. But drug use has factored into the heinous crimes as Watkins claims to have no recollection of them due to a severe crystal meth addiction, while Woman A reported that she allowed Watkins to inject her with heroin for his own sexual gratification.

The British rock band prided themselves on being straight-edge and “teetotal” when they first rose to fame in 2004, but Watkins’ father John Davies, a Baptist minister, said he noticed changes in his son when he moved from their rural town in Wales to Los Angeles. “He was emphatic as he was growing up through his teenage years that he would never drink, never do drugs,” said Davies. “Whether that was to reassure us as parents, I don’t know. But obviously something went wrong in later years. I think it coincided with being in the American scene.”

However, It was only when officers arrested him for drug offenses last December that they found a video of him attacking a baby and nearly 100 explicit images of children as young as two-years-old. “You spoke … of your desire to shock and your craving to push the sexual boundaries. This craving was fueled by your use of cocaine and methamphetamine which increased your sexual aggression,” said the judge at sentencing. 

Watkins also blamed his drug addiction for his behavior in a phone call from prison the day after his guilty plea and described the charges against him as “mega lolz.” But Nottingham Trent University senior psychology lecturer Serena Simmons said that his drug abuse was separate from his sex crimes. “Ian Watkins' drug-taking is not the reason for his actions. In my experience I have never met a child abuser who has been made one via their drug-taking,” she said. "They usually have a long history of abuse or attempted abuse towards children. Looking at his background and analyzing his life over a number of years will be key to establishing where he developed this unhealthy attraction.”

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