LiLo vs Bynes in Child-Star Drug War

By McCarton Ackerman 09/17/12

Lohan says it's unfair that a lowly Nickelodeon celeb is dodging jail after drunk- and high-driving troubles.

Don't hate, LiLo; hate is a jailbird trait.
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If it seems "totally ridic" to wish hard time on someone because you were once in the slammer yourself, well, that's because it is. But that's precisely how perennial hot mess Lindsay Lohan is responding to the continued car troubles and alleged drug use of former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes. Over the last several months, Bynes has had numerous hit-and-run mishaps, and has been pulled over by police several times, leading to a DUI charge—and many of those incidents happened when her license was already suspended. Then last week she was snapped behind the wheel, smoking what appeared to be a weed pipe, with remnants of marijuana scattered around her car's cup holder. But Bynes hasn't faced jail time yet, and doesn't seem in danger of getting sent upriver—which rubbed Lohan the wrong way. "Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far," she tweeted. “These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress.” LiLo herself was involved in several car accidents this summer—despite her movie project's production company hiring her a full-time driver and ordering her not to drive—including a major smash-up which totaled her Porsche. Bynes hasn't responded to the tweet, but maybe that's because she's got bigger worries: she's due back in court on September 27 on two hit-and-run charges, as well as her alleged drug use.

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