Ke$ha Is Not Always Wasted

By May Wilkerson 06/11/13

The hard partying pop singer says she's not actually drunk 24/7, though she may act like it.

Ke$ha is $ometimes $ober. Photo via

Ke$ha has built her success on a reputation of partying hard, h-h-hard. The pop singer first topped charts with "Tik Tok," an ode to getting "crunk," and continued to chronicle the joys of hard living in hits like "Your Love is my Drug" and "We R Who We R." But though she sings about sex, drugs and brushing her teeth with a "bottle of Jack," Ke$ha says her reputation of being drunk around the clock is not entirely accurate. "People do expect me to be drunk most hours of every day," she tells ET Canada. "Everybody just always thinks I'm drunk! 'Cause I just act kind of drunk in general." Despite her antics, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter claims she is, on occasion, sober. "Not to disappoint you, but I'm not wasted right now," she said. Ke$ha hopes her fans will enjoy seeing all sides of Ke$ha—including the time she drank her own urine—on her new MTV reality show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life"I'm showing it all. Like when I look terrible and when I'm having a real deal breakdown," she says. "But it's all kind of to support my message, which is to be yourself and love yourself. Perfect or not perfect." Though some of the show's moments may seem straight out of horror or fantasy, she insists it's 100% reality: "There's not one moment on the show that's been scripted or fake. It's my life. It's balls out."

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