Kelly Osbourne's Drunken Meltdown on Plane

By McCarton Ackerman 06/29/12

Kelly Osbourne says she got wasted and had to be carried off due to stress over her brother's MS diagnosis.

Osbourne's had her fair share of struggles.
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It's been a rough month for Kelly Osbourne. Her brother Jack Osbourne announced that he has multiple sclerosis and the diagnosis proved to be too much for her to handle. Kelly—who is in recovery from prescription painkiller addiction—got so drunk on a flight to Atlanta that she had to be carried off the plane by a security guard. Although she initially denied the incident, Kelly is now taking full responsibility. She says her drinking was triggered by a fan offering well-wishes for her brother: "A gentleman came up to me and asked me how my brother was doing and told me about his brother having MS and directed me toward a website," she explains. "On the plane I started looking at the website. It described how bad certain cases of MS got, and it made me lose it because I've sat through my mother having breast cancer, my dad almost dying from a bike accident, and now it's my brother who's my best friend." She admits: "I lost it." However, while most recovery programs stress abstinence from all drugs and alcohol, Osbourne has continued drinking socially and has no plans to stop. "The way I live my life after going to rehab is not the way that most people do," she says. "Yes, I still drink and I've always said that. I do have the occasional drink. I'm not using, I haven't. I won't. I'm not going to do that."

<a href=""">" title="If you're in recovery from drug addiction, is it ever possible to continue using alcohol safely?">If you're in recovery from drug addiction, is it ever possible to continue using alcohol safely?</a>
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