Justin Bieber's BFF Lil Za Arrested Twice In One Day

By McCarton Ackerman 01/15/14

Bieber's live-in pal was arrested at the pop star's Calabasas pad after L.A. County Sheriffs rolled up with a felony search warrant following an egg-throwing incident.

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Justin Bieber’s live-in BFF, Lil Za (real name: Zavier Smith), has earned the ignominious distinction of being arrested twice in two days. The aspiring rapper was arrested yesterday for drug possession during a raid of Bieber’s house in connection with a felony search warrant following a widely reported egg throwing incident. The drug in question was initially believed to be cocaine, but later reports claim that it was actually molly, a form of ecstasy, in addition to Xanax.

“You have to analyze any evidence to see what comes forward,” said LA County Sheriff Steve Whitmore. “It may not be that particular narcotic ... but we’re fairly certain it was a controlled substance.”

Police have confirmed that Bieber was “not connected” to the drug possession charges against Lil Za. Cops raided the singer’s home after he attacked his neighbor’s house with eggs and found the drugs “in plain view” during the raid. However, Bieber isn’t exactly off the hook either; his vandalism technically could land him in jail if convicted since it falls under a felony violation.

Lil Za was minutes from posting $20,000 bail and being released from custody, but online celebrity magazine TMZ reported that he was slapped with vandalism charges after smashing a phone inside his holding cell. His bail was pushed up to $70,000, which he then posted before his release yesterday evening. The vandalism charge also falls under a felony violation and the rapper could spend the next two years in jail if convicted on both counts.
Last year, Lil Za and Bieber’s former friend Lil Twist were thought to be bad influences influencing the Canadian pop star. They were spotted in photographs of Bieber allegedly smoking weed last January and were present when the singer urinated in the mop bucket of a Las Vegas nightclub last July while yelling, “Fuck Bill Clinton.” However, it was reported last fall that Bieber kicked them both out of his home after expensive jewelry went missing when Lil Twist threw a raucous party while they were supposedly housesitting.

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