Justin Bieber Admits Using Xanax Illegally

By McCarton Ackerman 03/12/14

The much-maligned pop star continued his slide toward oblivion when he admitted to abusing the anxiety drug during a four-hour deposition.

bieber dui_0.jpg
Bieber after his DUI arrest. Photo via

During a recently leaked deposition, fading pop star Justin Bieber admitted to using Xanax illegally. The troubled singer was in court last weekend over a lawsuit from a photographer who claimed the singer instructed his bodyguard to beat him up. But his drug use became a major topic during the over four-hour deposition that was filmed on tape and later released by TMZ.

The photographer’s lawyer probed Bieber about whether or not he had a prescription for Xanax, to which the singer admitted that he didn’t before his attorney could object. During his DUI arrest last January, Bieber admitted that his mom gave him Xanax when it was deemed necessary while also testing positive for the drug. But the admission won’t have any impact in court as DUI charges are not based on whether a drug is used illegally.

The Xanax admission has raised even more concerns about Bieber’s reportedly heightened drug use. Since moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta last month, his use of pot and sizzurp has allegedly increased and sources claim the singer is “constantly high.” Although Bieber is still working on his next album and recording in an Atlanta studio, insiders have said he is “drinking more lean [and] smoking more weed than ever.”

Drug addiction rumors were also sparked by Bieber’s refusal to accept a plea deal in the DUI case that called for six to nine months of probation that included random drug tests. If he passed the drug tests, pleaded no contest to reckless driving, and completed an alcohol education course, the DUI and resisting arrest charges would have been dropped. It’s now almost a guarantee the DUI case will go to trial, which could result in Bieber facing up to a year in jail if convicted.

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