Janice Dickinson Visibly Relapses On 'Botched'

By McCarton Ackerman 07/01/14

The former Celebrity Rehab alum appears to have relapsed.

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Former supermodel and Celebrity Rehab alum Janice Dickinson seemingly fell off the wagon during the latest episode of E! reality show Botched. After undergoing reconstructive surgery to fix "ripples" in her breasts, Dickinson appeared woozy and slurred her words during a return visit to the doctor’s office, despite previously declaring on the show that she had been sober.

The out-of-sorts Dickinson shocked Dr. Terry Dubrow by removing her sterile draining tubes and then asking for more painkillers. When Dubrow denied her request by informing her that she “just spent three days in the hospital on IV Dilaudid…most people are on aspirin by this point,” she snapped back by replying that she doesn’t “give a shit about most people.” Dickinson then begged the doctor to “give me something for the pain” and started to cry.

“In my 25 years of being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Janice is by far the most difficult patient I have ever had,” declared Dubrow. “The ex-addict is coming out. We’ve got post-operative pain management problems…this is classic drug-seeking behavior.”

Dickinson appeared on Celebrity Rehab in 2010 for addictions to Ativan, Ambien, and Xanax. She declared in a February 2012 interview with The Fix that she was still sober after leaving the show. “Since the show, I’ve been averaging about one AA meeting per day and have a sponsor named Camille. I’ve been meeting with Shelly [Sprague, the resident tech on Celebrity Rehab] a couple of times each week, so we’ve been able to have heart-to-hearts and do some inventory work,” she said. “I’ve also allowed God, as I see him, into my heart and have been grasping the meaning of the [program’s] prayers.”

The reality star even went so far as to credit Dr. Drew with saving her life. “I got sober…because there was something in his voice that led me to believe I could be fixed,” she explained. “But it wasn’t really a TV show that got me sober. I was 56 years old and just done. I was spiritually bankrupt and really needed help.”

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