Inhalable Caffeine Gets Bad Buzz

By Luke Walker 12/23/11

An amped-up new aerosol spray aimed at club kids is giving one senator the jitters.

Aeroshot, inhalable caffeine. Photo via

A new inhalable caffeine spray aimed at young club-goers is raising eyebrows in Congress.  Aeroshot, which delivers a pure, concentrated dose of caffeine from a pocket-sized aerosol container, isn't scheduled to debut in retail stores until January, but New York Senator Charles Schumer has already issued a press release denouncing the product for its high potential for abuse among teens. “This is nothing more than a club drug designed to give users the ability to drink until they drop,” charged Schumer, who went on to cited the adverse neurological and cardiovascular health risks of concentrated caffeine when used in conjunction with alcohol. Of course, Aeroshot isn't the first caffeinated product to target the late-night crowd. Earlier this year, New York was one of several states nationwide to ban Four Loko, after the alcoholic caffeine product was blamed for several deaths and hospitalizations. Health officials see potential for similar incidents with Aeroshot, which releases a coffee-cup's worth of caffeine with every spray.  Schumer has called for further FDA studies before the product is allowed to hit the shelves. An Aeroshot lawyer insists the product is completely safe" and says the launch will proceed as planned.

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