'Hell's Kitchen' Star Opens Up About Brother's Heroin Addiction

By Shawn Dwyer 11/17/14

The always irascible Gordon Ramsay revealed a more subdued side when talking about his brother's struggle with drugs.

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Gordon Ramsay, the fiery host of the popular cooking reality series Hell's Kitchen, has opened up about his brother's long battle with heroin addiction.

Ramsey, 48, recently told the Sunday People that Ronnie's addiction has been tearing his family apart. “I have tried to help many times. It’s hard. Every time you see him, God bless him, it reopens a wound for everybody," Ramsay said.

He said that he and his mother have been trying to help Ronnie for years, but to no avail. “Sometimes you have got to be a little bit stronger than the previous time and introduce tough love," Ramsey said. "They have got to hit rock bottom before they want to get out of that scenario so I think it is more painful from the outside for mum."

Ramsay also talked about Ronnie's 15-month imprisonment in Indonesia after being arrested in 2007 for heroin possession. Whether or not his brother will get sober remains to be seen and Ramsey doesn't seem sure that it will ever happen.

"I am looking at a dreadful disease like cancer, once you get diagnosed you have a choice but you do have a choice when you use drugs,” he said. "We always clash and it is hard to get back to that ground zero. We had bunk beds and we grew up together, so to see him now is tougher."

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