Former Rx-Addict Brett Favre Endorses New Pain Cream

By May Wilkerson 06/25/13

The legendary QB is touting a "safe" new product called "Rx Pro." But what does it contain?

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Football legend Brett Favre, who was once addicted to painkillers, has surprised fans by endorsing a new painkilling product, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback has been raving about an allegedly "safe" pain relieving cream called "Rx Pro," which he will soon be promoting in a new marketing campaign. "I can speak volumes on pain and narcotics use," he told Sirius XM Radio recently. Indeed, Favre, 43, underwent treatment for opioid dependence in 1996, at the height of his career. "This is kind of a difficult time...throughout the last couple of years, playing with pain and injuries, I've become dependent on medication," he said back then. But Rx Pro, he says now, "is a safe way to treat some of your ailments. It even works with cramps, stomach pain." 

But what is Rx Pro? Byron Barrett, the president of the sports medicine unit of World Health Industries (the Mississippi company that manufactures it), describes the cream as a "miracle" and a "safe harbor for people with pain," but declines to disclose its ingredients. He does say that it contains no substances that are banned by the NFL and that he "believes" it's FDA-approved. An FDA spokeswoman, however, says she can "find no evidence" that the cream has been approved. Favre became known as the "toughest quarterback in the NFL" after famously scoring five touchdowns with an injured ankle—he later required four ankle surgeries. He says that using Rx Pro has eliminated all the pain caused by injuries sustained in his 20-year NFL career, and that the cream will change the game for other athletes dealing with chronic pain: "I really believe in this product."

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