Drunken Dad Tosses Son Overboard on Family Cruise

By Luke Walker 01/10/12

An ex-Marine who had to flee from an angry mob gets rehab.

Briles eventually realized his mistake. Photo via

Drunken dad Sloan Briles was convicted of felony child abuse Monday after pleading guilty to drunkenly tossing his seven-year-old son off a cruise ship into a busy harbor last August. The 35-year-old former Marine was first seen on board heavily intoxicated, slapping his elder son in the face. When his younger boy asked him to stop, he picked the child up and hurled him overboard. The ships captain threw the boy a life ring and he was pulled safety. Briles was left fearing a gathering mob of angry passengers, so he leaped overboard himself to seek soaked safety.Although Briles pleaded guilty, he didn’t initially seem to think he had done anything wrong by heaving his boy into the ocean, stating in one interview, "We were having fun. It was a harbor cruise.” The divorced dad has been sentenced to three years probation, 180 days of in-patient drug treatment, and one year of child abusers' treatment at a Veterans Administration Hospital.


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