Drug Supplier For 'Monsignor Meth' Sentenced To Prison

By McCarton Ackerman 06/06/14

Chad McCluskey broke down in tears during sentencing for his role in supplying Catholic priest Kevin Wallin's drug operation.

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The man responsible for supplying mass amounts of methamphetamine for the drug operation of a Catholic priest known as “Monsignor Meth” has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Chad McCluskey, 44, broke down in tears during the hearing for his sentencing. Prosecutors accused him of supplying nearly 10 pounds of meth for the drug operation run by the Monsignor, also known as Kevin Wallin. He and girlfriend, Kristen Laschober, pleaded guilty last year to drug conspiracy charges connected to their business. Blaming his own drug addiction, McCluskey told the court he never intended for their business to get so out of hand.

"I would like to apologize to the court for my conduct and to the communities I've hurt," said McCluskey in court. "And to my friends who stood by me ... and to my family...I didn't think it was going to be a business, and my addiction got so heavy that my judgment was clouded...I never set out to be a drug dealer."

His lawyer, Todd Bussert, said that McCluskey was a college graduate who held good jobs before his drug addiction began. He and Laschober began sending small amounts of meth to Wallin in 2009 and the business escalated to them sending one to three pounds of the drug each month for the last six months of the operation, which was finally busted in late 2012. McCluskey also admitted to dealing 12 pounds of meth to dealers in other parts of the country.

Wallin was the pastor at St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport for nine years before resigning in 2011, citing personal issues. His priesthood powers were indefinitely revoked in 2012 following his arrest. He is still awaiting sentencing, but faces anywhere from 11 to 14 years in prison for selling large quantities of meth out of his home.

Laschober and two other men who pleaded guilty to helping Wallin sell the drugs are also awaiting sentencing.

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