Diet Coke Addict Wants Rehab

By Valerie Tejeda 01/04/12

490-pound addict drinks 42 liters a week.

Jones with one week's supply Photo via

A self-proclaimed “Diet Coke addict” from Stockport, England wants to get treatment for his problem. Thirty-five-year-old Darren Jones drinks 42 liters of soda every week. He recently hit 490 pounds. “I believe what I have is an actual addiction and I start to worry if I’m getting near the end of the bottle,” he says. “If I can’t get in touch with Paula (his wife) to get me some more I start to panic—it’s like a drug or alcohol addiction.” The father of two plans to go on a Diet Coke detox in 2012. He wants to check himself into a treatment facility or boot camp, and has tried to investigate his drug of choice: “I called up Diet Coke to ask them if it’s addictive and what I should do and she recommended putting water in it to dilute it, but it would taste horrid and I don’t think it would help.” A Coca-Cola representative says: “Drinking more than 6 liters of any liquid exceeds guidance on daily fluid intakes by agencies such as the [UK] Food Standards Agency. All of our drinks can be enjoyed in moderation as a part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.” Health experts warn that excessive intake of caffeine and the artificial sweetener aspartame—both which are present in Diet Coke—can be addictive, and cutting down rapidly isn't recommended.

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