Comedy Central's Drunk History Makes Online Debut

By Bryan Le 06/26/13

The first TV episode of everyone's favorite slurred history show is now available for viewing.

Adam Scott's John Wilkes Booth slurs his
declaration to assassinate Lincoln.
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Viral internet comedy sketch show Drunk History, now adapted for television, is set to debut on Comedy Central July 9th—but you can now watch a full episode from the new season on the network's site. This episode features the usual historical narrative retold by an inebriated comedian—complete with slurred words and intermittent vomiting—about Watergate, Lincoln's assassination and Elvis Presley's stint as a Federal Narcotics Agent. And as always, the biggest names in comedy are re-enacting these historical moments, including Jack Black as Elvis and Bob Odenkirk as Richard Nixon. There's nothing quite comparable to Adam Scott playing John Wilkes Booth drunkenly bungling the infamous “Sic semper tyrannis” speech. Other featured actors, comedians and musicians include Dave Grohl, Fred Willard, Will Forte, and Jonathan Ames. Check out the episode on Comedy Central's website.

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