Clear Up Your Tax Problems in Sobriety

By Sponsored Post 09/24/12

You’re sober now. You've been avoiding the IRS or State taxing authority for years. It’s time to take care of your tax issues. 

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You’ve been avoiding, dodging and praying that the IRS or State taxing authority goes away. I mean, you’re sober now—don’t they know? You didn’t realize that cleaning up the wreckage of your past can be so scary. Don’t worry! At Bismark Tax, Inc. we're here to help you with your IRS or State tax agency problems.

Bismark Tax, Inc has licensed attorneys (sober attorneys, too, for 10 years+) that are ready to help you deal with your IRS or State tax issues. We work with taxpayers in ALL 50 STATES.

We offer services to all, from those owing as little as $10,000 (even less when the IRS makes mistakes) to those that owe in excess of $500,000. We provide the following services:

  • Offer In Compromise—Settle your tax liability for less than you actually owe. 
  • Tax Penalty Abatement—Reduce penalties, in some cases a savings thousands. 
  • Installment Agreement—Set up the lowest payment plan possible. 
  • File Back Taxes—And much more... 


Don't get caught in the web that leaves taxpayers distressed and in the worst cases, in jail. Like our Facebook page for special savings. Clean up the wreckage of your past and get the help you need: call 213-545-1644 today!

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