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Charlie Sheen Dishes the Dirt on Depp and Penn

By Valerie Tejeda 01/17/13

He hails the hard partiers of Hollywood—including the mysterious "No. 22."

Sheen has some regrets about his past. via

Not for the first time, Charlie Sheen's been dominating the addiction debate this week—and sharing some enticing tidbits about "hardcore" Hollywood actors. Firstly on The Dr. Oz Show, the Anger Management star was schooled on what his smoking may be doing to his lungs: Primetime cardiologist Mehmet Oz showed him a blackened, necrotic lung of a smoker as well as the lung of a healthy non-smoker, apparently taking Sheen by surprise. Oz then lectured Sheen about his reckless behavior, and encouraged him to make changes for a healthier future. The 47-year-old "warlock" also told Oz that he believes excessive use of steroids and testosterone, or “roid rage,” may have led to his very public meltdown in 2011. And in an interview with the The Daily Beast, Sheen admits to some regrets about that: “Yeah. I wouldn’t have been as vocal or that open house about the whole thing. But I had to get my message across. The reasons they were firing me were completely falsified. If they wanted to fire me for things that were being said in the press, that’s fine, but my set behavior? I was so mad because I’m a pro. And to this day, I haven’t received a phone call from Chuck Lorre.” Sheen also spills about the select band of Hollywood partiers capable of keeping up with his wild antics. “Oh yeah. I’ll just say 'No. 22,' cause this person will read it and know what I’m talking about. They can fucking roll,” he said. “And Johnny Depp. Johnny is hardcore, man. Sean [Penn] is hardcore. Sean is hard to keep up with when he’s going. And he’s gnarly. He’s the best actor alive.”

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